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I was curious about what Reiki could do for my life…I’m in a career transition. I also knew that I needed to slow down in my life - self awareness was slipping away from me.In David’s class, I discovered that the structure of Reiki encourages a meditation-like state so that one can slow down and be open to what God, the Universe (or whatever you call that force that pulls you towards enlightenment) is trying to tell you.I liked several things about David’s Reiki class:-the background of the different aspects of Reiki.-his personal anecdotes of doing Reiki.-his space is incredibly warm and conducive to learning.-the class is very disarming, I could let my guard down.-the instruction is skilled, positive and encouraging.He has been doing Reiki for twelve years and that experience is demonstrated in his instruction and skill. I will DEFINITELY be enrolled in Reiki part 2.
Response from the owner: This is an amazing review. It is so good to know I am on the right track and remain sensitive to my students needs. Thank you so much for sharing this. David
I did all three levels of reiki with David and I learned so much throughout the classes. David was very warm and inviting and I loved every class I had with him!
Response from the owner: Thank you it was an honor to work with you!
I had an excellent experience!! David was kind and patient as he gently guided me thru the process.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for taking a moment to say such kind things about my work. It is enormously encouraging. David
Amazing session and absolutely calming atmosphere. Next time I’ll probably take the rest of the day off work, but there will definitely be a next time! 10/10 recommended
Response from the owner: Thanks Stephen what an awesome guy you are. Thanks for trusting me with your energy work!
David was an amazing instructor! His classes are therapeutic. I’m looking forward to working with him more.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you in the next class coming up. Woohoo!
My first visit with David.He used essential oils and singing bowls. I have a lot on my plate these days with work and family and needed a rebalance. It was a great session and felt so relaxed and renewed. I will be back!
Response from the owner: Good job letting go and allowing the heaviness to lift away! Thanks for trusting me to help … life can get very intense and weighty. Thank God we all have one another.
This was a great first time experience. He was very good in helping me relax. I highly recommend him for reiki sessions!
Response from the owner: Thanks and have fun with all of the great things coming into your life! Yay
David made learning Reiki an amazing experience. The environment was peaceful and serene. I highly recommend learning Reiki from David. He was easy to learn from.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Stephanie. You were a great Reiki Level One student and really added so much to the class. See you soon for Level 2 class! David
I didn't know what to expect. I went on a whim based on what I read about. I was intrigued bc this is a practice that is used in hospitals as complimentary therapy. I would say the actual session was like a guided meditation, but emotionally and mentally more acutely cathartic and relieving. I feel much lighter. Physically I feel more relaxed like a good massage, a good deal of tension from my head, neck, and stomach has been released and I feel like I can take deeper breaths. I also feel tired/exhausted like when your adrenaline wears off.David asked a lot of very pertinent questions and I liked that very much. When I've been to other metaphysical practitioners, they've either talked about themselves too much or told me what they must have thought I wanted to hear about myself. It felt very much like a collaborative experience. He also gave me recommendations about things to learn about like books and concepts so I could learn about things he thought might help. He did not once try to sell me anything or even to get me to book another session right away. It's very obvious that he wants to help people.Edit: I have now completed a level I Reiki Practitioner course. I did a private lesson and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history and theory behind the practice. David provided a very thorough manual and entertained my endless questions. A very patient and thoughtful instructor.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the glowing report, Sunny. I am so glad you have an open heart. These are the people that heal. See you again soon!!!
David is amazing! He definitely has a gift in reiki healing.He listened to everything I was dealing with in my life and gave me compassionate and constructive feedback without any judgment. The actual reiki session was incredible! He used crystals, tuning forks, and singing bowls that were so calming. After the session, I felt extremely relaxed and peaceful. A day later, I’m still feeling great!I would absolutely recommend David for reiki! I will be back. 🙂
Response from the owner: Thanks Caroline. I appreciate this a lot!
Glad to be in David class. I felt that I can have endless conversation with him and learn so much in the field of healing arts.He has been servicing the community for eleven years and more and I am glad benefiting of his Reiki teachings on Level I and level II.
Response from the owner: Thanks for this awesome review on the classes. People want to do a class but they aren’t sure what to expect. Go change the world with your new certifications, Victor, and I look forward to working with you again. David
This was my first experience with Reiki. Because of my current state of mind and heart, I walked in feeling so heavy, tense, and a sadness in my heart. During my session with David, I was comfortable to share my thoughts and feelings. After the session I felt such a peace, my body felt light, and my mind felt at ease. Thank you, David. Highly recommended.
Response from the owner: Thanks for sharing about your experience. I have had many times when my heart was full of sadness. I am glad I was able to lessen that for you. Thanks very much, David
Today's session was wonderful. It was a serene and uplifting experience. The sensation of floating, as if cradled by clouds, was a powerful source of comfort and healing. I even felt like I had shed some weight during my session. My journey toward a state of well-being was particularly inspiring today. I can't fully explain how peaceful it was. This experience greatly benefited my mental and physical health. I will cherish these moments of calm and weightlessness. I am eagerly anticipating my next session.
Response from the owner: I am so proud to have clients like you Lilliana. Keep up the good work! David
It was good to see David again. After I took his course a few years back, I've done Reiki on others, but hadn't had it done on me...until today. I'm very particular about who I allow to share my energy space. As expected, David did not disappoint. I'll continue to go to him. His space is balanced and very relaxing.
Response from the owner: Thank you Altonet! Such an amazing thing to work with gifted, wonderful people like you!
Very relaxing aura cleanse. Highly recommend.👍 Really clears your mind and relaxes you at the same time.
Response from the owner: Thanks Jose. I always look forward to seeing you. David
David was a phenomenal, knowledgeable, and very patient teacher. He teaches from a depth of experience. The environment of the class was very calming, soothing, and safe / open space for all to open up and share experiences.
Response from the owner: Thanks for your gifts that you brought to the table. The classes are fun but folks like you make them powerful as well. David
Response from the owner: Thanks Freddie! I know you will be a GREAT Reiki Master!
It was my first time doing Reiki and it was a great experience. I was nervous walking up to the apartment, but it was set up very nicely and David made me feel comfortable. Overall great experience, I plan to go back!
Response from the owner: I am so glad you came to see me and that you were blessed with Reiki energy. See you again soon! D
This was a wonderful experience to my spiritual awakening! After my reiki session, I felt reborn, refreshed, grateful, and an energetic push to continue fulfilling my purpose in life. David is kind, loving, and truly a natural healer!
Response from the owner: Thanks again for your trust. It was delightful working with you. D
I have taken Reiki level 1 & 2 with David. The concepts are simple, complex and profound all at the same time. David does an excellent job of explaining the principles with empathy, making the infomation digestable without "dumbing it down". I would recommend his classes to anyone pursuing this journey!
Response from the owner: Wow thank you for that excellent feedback. It was a pleasure. And I look forward to seeing you take the Master Course! 😉
Response from the owner: Thank you Anthonie, for believing in me!
Life changing experience. Can’t thank him enough. I’m so great full for the experience and the way the sessions help my soul
Response from the owner: Thanks Karem! Years have passed with you as a client, and you have grown and become a really amazing woman. I am grateful for you!
Davids experise and intuitive nature was a delight. The location (his home) had a peaceful ambiance/energy that made me feel very comfortable. I am grateful for the knowledge & experience.
Response from the owner: Kamika you will make an excellent Reiki practitioner. Your Light shines bright!
I know exactly how I was feeling when I walked in, I walked out feeling lighter and calmer. But the best part is, I see doors opening for me. What I was needing was coming my way. Reiki is real, and David is great. I’ll be doing it monthly moving forward.
Response from the owner: Thank you Mimi. I know good things are coming your way! David
David is a very good at his craft and I would highly recommend him!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your support. It’s people like you that make it not just rewarding but fun as well!
David’s a really nice guy w/ a very great vibe and I truly enjoyed the session! Would highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you William for reaching out. Good to hear I was able to help! See you soon. David
I highly recommend working with David! David is not only very gifted but also displays great professionalism. He possesses a unique vibe.
Response from the owner: Thanks Eric! You’re awesome!
David is amazing. I felt so much peace and love during my session.
Response from the owner: I am so glad I get to work with you. You show me you have mucho coraje. David
Response from the owner: Thanks for taking the time to do this Rafaela! It helps a lot. David
Thank you again so much for the introduction of reiki healing. I really enjoyed our class and have been feeling quite different in the past few hours. Crown and third eye are wide open. Feeling extremely receptive, and grounded towards energies around me and from those near me. Just finished day one of reiki healing on myself and feeling positively heightened. Thank you! Looking Forward to the next course
Response from the owner: Thanks for your heart centered contribution. I was so glad you got the results you were looking for! See you soon for Reiki Level Two! And Master classes! 🙂
My experience learning Reiki Level 1 with David yesterday is something I will never forget. I highly recommend everyone to attend his classes. I’ll be coming back to do Reiki Level 2 after my 21 day detox!
Response from the owner: Thanks for your contribution to the great vibe we had in class. It was relaxed and fun. A great group of people. Looking forward to seeing you again very soon. David
I highly recommend working with David, as I am so grateful for my experience of reiki training with him. He is genuine and passionate about helping others. And he is experienced and knowledgeable in his teaching.Thank you, David, for spreading the beautiful gift of reiki and healing! I’m so so grateful 🙂
Response from the owner: Rachel it is hard to find someone with more kindness and heart than you. I KNOW you will make an amazing Reiki Master, and bring tons of Light into peoples lives through your Reiki AND your yoga classes. Congrats on the wonderful life ahead of you, and I am always here if you need me. D
I honestly can’t say enough about David. He is a gifted and intuitive shaman who has done for me through Reiki healing that which I could not do for myself through a very necessary chord severing session, which was truly life saving energetic surgery. I am eternally grateful for his care and expertise during a time in my life when I needed it the most. His treatments are truly skilled at the highest level.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Emily!
Shame on me for not leaving a review sooner. It’s been a while now… but my reiki healing with David was LIFE CHANGING! A lot took place during, immediately after, and ultimately after my reiki healing session. I will be returning soon (not before first- booking a one curious husband) for a personal tune up! My chakras have been aligned, I feel internally balanced…. And if it’s not TMI for you…. Right after my reiki session…. I made it home and pooped, and it was a lightish/ darkish shimmering emerald color… literally shinning. Had no choice but to get a witness from the people in my house at the time! Never had this happen ever. I was literally renewed!Thank you David for a safe, calm, clean, intentional, welcoming, friendly environment!See you soon :)—M3
Response from the owner: Thanks for a very funny and strange review! I am glad you are feeling better! You deserve happiness and humor! Mucho Light to you, David
A very great experience! I was gifted a reiki session with David as a birthday gift. Not knowing what to expect, I went into it with an open mind. My time with David was very relaxing and healing. He took the time to get to know a little about me and made me feel comfortable in his space. I, as a massage therapist know that any kind of healing can’t be solved with one session and I will definitely be looking forward to working with him again in the future.
Response from the owner: Thank you Raul. I think massage and Reiki are very similar. They both balance the energy system of the client, so this review is a very nice compliment to me.David
Response from the owner: Thanks beautiful soul!
Truly a wonderful experience! Feel more calm and at peace. I plan to schedule regularly.
Response from the owner: Thank you. You definitely got one of the deepest energy healings I have given in years! Enjoy the new energy! David
Fantastic to work with and has a very inviting experience. I highly recommend David to anyone seeking the services he offers.
Response from the owner: I will miss you a lot as a student but now I have a new friend! Come and visit and let me know when you need me. David
Reiki Master David is wonderful and a delight. He is patient and answered all of my questions. I did reach out to him after my 1st Reiki degree with more questions and he answered them thoroughly. I recently completed my 2nd degree Reiki class and he was awesome again. I highly recommend you go to him because he has the best personality and is a great Reiki Master/Teacher.
Response from the owner: Thanks I am so glad you enjoyed the Reiki Level Two class we just had. You were a great addition to our group. Keep your Light bright! David
David is amazing and a true healer. You will feel comfortable talking with him and sharing. He will definitely help you and you’ll want to keep going back.
Response from the owner: Jimmarie thanks for such an awesome review. I am really enjoying the work we are doing together. I always look forward to seeing you. David
I had my first Reiki healing with David today. The energy in the room was calming. Not only did he provide Reiki, but provided notes and exercises to help my healing journey. I’ll definitely book with him again.
Response from the owner: Thank you Kate. What an awesome lady you are. I can’t wait to get an update. Thanks for making my evening a better one. David
Response from the owner: Thank you John. Great meeting you and working with you!
Session with David provided clarity and perspective to address pending issues. Thank you for your honest and direct communication.
Response from the owner: My pleasure to help. I look forward to hearing more good news from you. Until then, I am here when you need me. D
Response from the owner: Thank you Dianna! See you for Level Two soon!
I recently had the privilege of experiencing reiki session with David, and it was truly remarkable! From start to finish, David’s professionalism, expertise, and genuine care made the entire session a transformative experience. He took the time to thoroughly explain the principles and benefits of reiki, ensuring that I felt comfortable and understood the process.I highly recommend David for anyone seeking a reiki practitioner who is not only skilled but also compassionate and attentive. His expertise and dedication to his craft are evident in every aspect of his work. Without a doubt, I will be returning to David for future sessions. Thank you, David, for the wonderful experience and the positive impact it has had on my well-being!
Response from the owner: Thank you Pratik. You, your wife and your little girl are now more like a family to me. You have gone thru all of the classes in Reiki, and you will be a strong, effective Reiki Master --- mostly because your heart is open and full of love and compassion. Thanks for the honor of knowing you and your family. May we be friends forever! David
This experience was enlightening. I highly recommend Houston Reiki.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Alexandra. That means a lot and I enjoyed working with you.
David is kind, sensitive, and intuitive. I highly recommend a session with him.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much! I am looking forward to working with you. David
I had a great session with David today. He explained everything well and listened to my questions. He was welcoming and easy to talk to -I felt comfortable being in his presence. The session itself was relaxing and I enjoyed being around beautiful art work, listening to the sound bowls and smelling essential oils. He later on followed up with an email providing me links and resources on the things we talked about. I'm glad that we crossed paths.
Response from the owner: That's awesome that you had a great healing experience. It is up to me to provide a nice, sacred vibe for the work, but it is Spirit that does the "heavy lifting". I am very grateful to have this work and to be able to help others. I have accessed so much help from others along the way, and today I stand on their shoulders and continue to share the love they once shared with me. Thank you Gizem.
David, thank you for patient understanding. It is true what the others are saying, you are a healer. Thank you for the notes from our session. I have already been using some of the resources you suggested. I so enjoyed my session with you and will be setting up my next appointment later today!
Response from the owner: I am so glad I was able to help. I look forward to seeing you again, and many thanks for the review!
I had such a great experience at my initial session earlier today I couldn’t wait to get home and write a review. David is a natural spiritual healer and his love for what he does truly shows. As soon as he welcomed me into his apartment, I felt right at home and so much more relaxed, as if I was walking into my family’s home. We talked briefly about the pain I endured that led me on my current spiritual journey and even without going into detail, for the first time in my life, I felt understood. I’ve been putting off my healing for years now but I’m glad that the universe has brought us together, and I’m incredibly excited to continue on this journey with you, David.
Response from the owner: Aikko it was great meeting you and I was inspired by your story. You have survived and lived to tell the tale. I can only expect more great events in your life to come! And it is an honor that you invited me to help.