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Reiki Training in Houston, Texas


Reiki Training is offered throughout the year at different times, depending on which level of Reiki you are trying to achieve. Contact me today to see when the next available dates are for the specific level of training you are trying to achieve.

Reiki Training – First Degree

First Degree, or Level I, Reiki Training opens and allows the energy channel to begin flowing. It allows you to practice Reiki, for not only others, but yourself. After being attuned (the Master Reiki Practitioner starts the flow of energy in the students body), people can feel the “energy flow” in different ways. Most commonly tingling, heat, coolness or tickling in the hands. Once certified, you may start practicing Reiki on yourself and others. The more the student uses Reiki, the more “constant” the energy becomes.

Reiki Training – Second Degree
*First Degree Completion Required*

Second Degree, or Level II, Reiki Training allows the channel of energy to be opened up to a greater level. The amount of energy a student can channel is greatly increased. Also at this level the student learns three symbols. One symbol increases the amount of energy that can be channeled; the next symbol gives the student a different type of energy, which helps the person receiving Reiki on a mental and emotional level; the last symbol allows Reiki to be sent at a distance. You can even send it through time and space!

Reiki Training – Master Reiki
*First and Second Degree Completion Required*

Reiki Master Teacher is the highest level of Reiki achievable. This allows the channel of energy to opened to its greatest level. The amount of energy a Master Reiki Practitioner can channel is exponentially increased. The student is also given four additional symbols. The Reiki Master also takes on the responsibility of teaching Reiki.