Beyond the Present: Navigating Your Past Lives with Houston Reiki’s Regression Therapy

Beyond the Present: Navigating Your Past Lives with Houston Reiki's Regression Therapy
January 13, 2024

Beyond the Present: Navigating Your Past Lives with Houston Reiki’s Regression Therapy

Many psychologists, medical professionals, and spiritual healers are using past life regression therapy, which is becoming more common. Those who may not have been able to overcome obstacles or hurdles have benefited from seeking out one or more of these types of therapy.

Regression to a past life is one of the newest subfields within hypnosis. This refers to the purposeful, conscious recall of past-life memories and encounters. By doing this, people want to learn more about their connections with others, personality traits and behavioral patterns, health conditions, discomfort and pain, and other things.

Understanding Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a mild type of hypnosis that uses memories and events that are typically stored in the subconscious to transport a patient back in time to their past lives or incarnations. Because modern life is so hectic and “noisy,” these memories are typically hidden beneath the din of constant thought. During a PLR session, you are guided to become completely silent and at ease, which makes it much simpler to find the memories stored in your mind’s subconscious.

Regression therapy has been effectively used for people of different ages and backgrounds. Regression therapy is seen to be especially helpful in treating severe traumas, according to some. Regression therapy proponents contend that even though a person may not immediately remember the specifics of the trauma, it can frequently have a lasting effect on their capacity for emotional expression and social interaction.

Who Would Benefit from Regression Therapy?

Individuals suffering from undiagnosed chronic health conditions, those with strange fears, and those with recurrent pregnancy problems

Regression to a past life is also helpful for those experiencing a string of unfortunate events, attempting to make sense of their existence, or curious whether they possess the gifts of healing or intuition.

Sometimes, you are shown bliss in a past life, which can be inspirational and remind you how to live a happy life now. It’s sometimes about something other than unearthing past horrors. Witnessing your greatness in a previous life can remind you of your value and strength.

Preparing for Past Live Regression Therapy

Preparing for Past Live Regression Therapy

People who are at ease are better served by regression therapy. They accomplish this by instructing the patient in deep breathing exercises. Additionally, the therapist invites the client to discuss in public, in as much detail as possible, any noteworthy past experiences. Then, they can learn about their emotions, which may help them deal with the issue that is hurting them.

Together, the therapist and the client can identify the potentially detrimental effects of these emotions once they become aware they are experiencing them. During the reprogramming stage, the individual receiving therapy and the therapist collaborate to develop fresh approaches to discussing old experiences. They try to discuss topics that will ease the person’s transition and support the development of their positive traits and resilience.

Regression therapy can be administered person-centered or under the direction of a therapist. The reason the therapist-directed approach is more straightforward is because they usually have a script tailored to the issue you want to address.

Combining Regression Therapy with Past-Life Experience

You will leave the session with a new understanding of the world and yourself. The experiences you gain from exploring past lives (and between lives) can be enlightening and transformative. There are many ways that you can incorporate these insights into your life to support your exploration of the future and to support your investment in yourself.

An excellent tool for everyone, especially those seeking self-improvement and self-awareness, is the “Value System” exercise, which we at Houston Reiki frequently offer clients. You can complete it at home and use it as the starting point for a conversation about your development during later appointments.

How to Choose a Good Past-Life Regression Therapist

How to Choose a Good Past Life Regression Therapist

There are a few things to consider before selecting a past life regressionist. Do they give you a good feeling? Can you build a strong relationship? Do they have a client-centered style? While many people offer services for past life regression, they might not be the most suitable for your needs. When working with a regressionist, you should be careful not to hire someone who can do the following three things:

Someone Who is Not Qualified to Lead You in Past-Life Hypnosis

For example, a person does not necessarily have previous life regression experience or belief since they are hypnotherapists! Regrettably, a lot of hypnotists engage in this practice. Thus, confirm that your regressionist has received the necessary training and that they have both experienced and believed in multiple former incarnations. It will be then that they completely understand what you are going through while working with you.

Someone Who Modifies How Memories are Formed

The sophisticated subconscious mind can direct you to the precise memory that will serve you best. Regressionists that force their views on their clients’ experiences are known to exist; examples include discounting recollections of lifetimes lived in the same century or instances in which the client saw themselves donning tennis shoes. It is inappropriate to ignore these because they are not outside the bounds of genuine memories.

Someone Who Speaks in an Authoritative Manner

Guiding and leading are two entirely different things. Leading words and inquiries have been demonstrated to induce false memory or, at the very least, to sour the client-regressionist relationship.

Start Your Past Life Regression with Houston Reiki

Every element of your life is impacted by your mental health, which includes your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Good mental health enables you to handle life’s little obstacles effectively. Contact Houston Reiki today to find out more about Past-Life hypnosis.


You can integrate past life regression into your job path or work one-on-one with a past life regressionist. We hope you look more closely at your memories and how you may incorporate them into your life for more ease, self-awareness, and spiritual development now that you better understand previous life regression and what it can accomplish for you or your clients.

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