Accelerated Master Reiki Course

Have you ever wanted to become a Reiki Master but can’t take a year, or more, out of your life to do it the traditional way? Houston Reiki can help make you a traditional Reiki Master in six to seven weeks with some hard work and determination. Below is all the information you need to start your journey.

What will I learn during this course?

Great question! You will learn Reiki I, Reiki II and Master Reiki. A few of the things you will learn include chakras, the history of Reiki, doing Reiki on yourself and others, the three Sacred Symbols, sending Reiki to people across the room (or across the world!) and the Master Symbol.

How long does this course take?

The course, on average, takes between six to seven weeks. This is all dependent on several things – your schedule, our schedule and how much time you feel you need between Reiki One, Two and Three.

Is there any difference in this course compared to the traditional way?

The traditional method is taking Reiki Level One and then waiting three months followed by Reiki Level Two, waiting three months, then taking the Master Course (no one knows why or how this tradition started). The only difference between the Accelerated Master Course and the traditional method is time. You will learn everything that students learn who choose the traditional method, only at a faster pace.