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Helping others became the focus of my career more than three decades ago…

In college, I studied wellness-related issues, stress relief, and the impact of stress on the body. After graduating with high honors, I channeled my knowledge into bringing health and wellness education to rehabilitation centers and the Texas Prison System. These opportunities were a true blessing to me and helped launch my career in wellness and health.

I transitioned into managing a wellness clinic tailored for individuals battling chronic illnesses while also embracing the role of a personal trainer. Witnessing the incredible progress of my clients, many of whom regained their functionality after enduring extended periods of disability, filled me with an overwhelming sense of fulfillment. While working at this clinic, the interconnected nature of our physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects became clear.

Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher became a pivotal point in my journey, focusing on the transformative power of energetic healing. Clients, each with their unique challenges, sought solace in my sessions. Witnessing them surrender to the soothing embrace of Reiki, allowing its universal energy to work its magic, is profoundly gratifying. I explain that love, harnessed through the conduit of Reiki, would facilitate the healing they yearn for. My role as a channel for this extraordinary force has humbled me to my core.

Guiding students toward becoming Reiki Practitioners added a new dimension of fulfillment. Every individual comes to me with a different purpose. Some want the ability to treat themselves, their families, and even their patients. Others want to expand their knowledge and become a Reiki Master. Every individual is unique, and this is what makes teaching people the healing art of Reiki so beautiful.

My life has taken on vibrant hues as a Reiki Master. From offering Reiki to a newborn in the ICU to aiding a young Dreamer burdened by fears, I see the transformative power of Reiki firsthand. Collaborating with cancer patients in their stage-four journey and supporting individuals in their quest for self-acceptance reinforced my belief in the healing potential of compassion.

My purpose has found its true manifestation in helping others overcome their challenges and embrace their well-being. I am humbled to be a vessel through which the currents of healing energy flow. The essence of my journey is to bring healing, hope, and the profound realization that we are loved, cherished, and supported on our path to wellness.

The wound is the place where light enters you.

– Rumi

David Reiki Master

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What do you like most about being a Reiki Master?

As a Reiki Master, what I like most is witnessing the profound transformation that occurs within my clients. It is a magical moment when a client realizes that they have the power to create their own reality. Through the gentle touch and healing energy of Reiki, I guide them on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The connection between mind, body, and spirit becomes clear, and they embrace their true potential. As a channel for universal love and healing, I am humbled to be part of their journey towards wellness and inner peace.


In what ways has Reiki changed you and your life?

Reiki has transformed my life in unimaginable ways. It has opened my heart, healed my wounds, and connected me to a powerful source of love and healing energy. Through Reiki, I have let go of past traumas, released negative beliefs, and discovered a deep inner peace. It has taught me the importance of self-care, self-compassion, and self-love. Reiki has not only brought healing to my clients but has also brought profound transformation to me as a practitioner. Reiki flows through my being, allowing me to be a vessel of healing for others. I am grateful for the privilege of witnessing the profound healing and empowerment that Reiki brings to those who seek it.


What would you say to someone wanting to become a Reiki Master?

Are you ready to learn to love yourself on a very deep level? These things must occur before you being helping others heal. Becoming a Reiki Master starts a process within you of healing and change. As you delve into the depths of your own healing, you will unlock the power within you to help others on their own healing journeys. Embrace this opportunity to become a channel for universal love and experience the incredible benefits that Reiki has to offer. The outcome of this experience is the realization of unconditional love and compassion for yourself and others.