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About Me:

Reiki Master Trainer, Personal Trainer, Mentor

I attended Houston Community College and studied issues related to wellness, stress relief, and the impact stress had upon the body. As a result of my work, I was invited to be an Honors student. This opportunity gave me great incentive and opportunity to write papers and information modules on all of the issues I had a tremendous passion for. I graduated with High Honors. After graduation, I was able to use the education modules I created as I went to rehab centers and even into the Texas Prison System to present health and sex safety education. These opportunities were a true blessing to me. You could say it launched me into a career in wellness and health.

The next phase of my life came while managing a wellness clinic for chronically ill patients. We offered rehab in physical therapy, weight and exercise training, nutrition counseling, chiropractic treatment and massage therapy. Very comprehensive! And to see the many improvements was very gratifying. Many of my patients were completely transformed and went back into their lives, completely functional again.

Next, I was asked to help organize a personal training team for a local gym. That was so much fun! My manager/mentor taught me so much about the body, weight training and form, comprehensive stretching, and many other modalities that I use to this day.

I really enjoy being a Master Reiki Teacher. I have worked on many clients with a full spectrum of issues. It is so wonderful to see troubled clients relax in a Reiki session, allowing the Chi (universal) energy to work its magic. So many wonderful people have come to see me, with Hope in their eyes. I first tell them they are loved by their Creator beyond their comprehension. Then I explain that same Love from their Creator is what I will use, through the amazing power of Reiki, to bring the healing they seek. I am a humble channel for the Power of Reiki.

I also have very much enjoyed seeing students train to be Reiki Practitioners. Some only want Level One Certification, where they can learn the history and also become attuned to work on themselves and others. One mother came so she could work on her children. Others want to move on to Level Two Training, where you can learn to send Reiki over time and space, as well as learn about our ancient symbols that can only be used by an Attuned Practitioner. Finally, I have Certified Students as Reiki Masters. One of them has moved to Vieques, Puerto Rico. On that island paradise, she is the only Reiki Master. She was able to use her spiritual gifts to unite others to work together after the terrible Hurricane of 2017 ripped the island to shreds. I am very proud of her and the Light she has brought to others. I now have several students waiting for the next Reiki Master Teacher Training.

As a personal trainer (for 19 years), I am able to teach correct form, stretching, lifting. I often work with people who have never lifted a weight in their life. Many are struggling with chronic illness or post-operative healing. I feel so grateful to be able to take the intimidation out of the process. We keep it simple and focused. I also like working on clients’ trigger points to relief stress and encourage healing. The physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of our lives are so intrinsically intertwined. Stress tends to accumulate in the body, over time. This, I believe, is where disease can begin.

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