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Houston Reiki provides a variety of services – – – natural Reiki healing, Reiki classes, Chakra balancing, and holistic healing, spiritual guidance and coaching. All of these services are provided by a Certified Reiki Master who has years of experience.  We know you may have many questions, so please visit our FAQ page for more answers.

What is Reiki? What can Reiki do to help me?

Houston Reiki offers an ancient practice that was rediscovered in Japan. With Reiki, the certified Reiki Master gently lays their hands on or above the client’s body and channels healing to the client. Physical pain is reduced. Stress and depression is relieved. Emotional pain can be healed by Reiki.  If you feel “stuck”, Reiki is for you.

What is a Reiki Master or Reiki Practitioner?

Houston Reiki provides certified Reiki Master Teachers that practice USUI Reiki in a private, quiet setting with relaxing music, aromatherapy and a heated mat. In addition, we use over 40 types of healing crystals and many different essential oils to further increase healing energy and relaxation. While some of the Reiki Masters around the world have deviated from the original Usui methods, we have not. Our Reiki Master/Teacher has completed all levels of USUI Reiki Training and can offer the highest level of healing and experience.

As a Certified Hypnotist, we may occasionally use this modality to help you achieve your goals, diminish and eliminate your old habits. Hypnosis is a very relaxing experience you will enjoy and find very interesting. It is often used to relax and ground the client as the Reiki session begins.

Healing Crystals and Stones

Houston Reiki uses an array of over 40 healing crystals and stones to soothe and heal.

Reiki Training will allow you to provide healing for others and even yourself.

*Houston Reiki offers Levels One, Two, and Master Level classes (in USUI Reiki there are only 3 true levels). The fees charged for classes are the very same our Teachers charged us: $175, $275 and $500, respectively. You will be a Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner upon completion of Level One. Certification at Level One allows the student to begin to practice Reiki on themselves and others. Classes are taught on the last Saturday of the month, 10:00 am to class completion (usually 2:00 pm). Email: david@houstonreiki.com

*BRAND NEW!!! NEW ACCELERATED MASTER COURSE (save money, time and be a Reiki Master Teacher in one third of the time. Ask me about this program).

Houston Reiki respects and welcomes all ages, gender ID, LGBT, religions. 

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