What is Reiki? What can Reiki do to help me?


Reiki is an ancient practice that was rediscovered in Japan. With Reiki, the certified reiki practitioner lays hands on the body and promotes wellness and healing. Reiki has been documented to offer relief from physical and emotional pain. It can relieve stress and depression.

A Reiki Master/Teacher has completed all levels of Reiki Training and Certification, and can offer the highest level of healing.

I am a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and practice Reiki in a quiet setting with relaxing music, aromatherapy and a heated pad. In addition, I may use healing crystals and essential oils to further increase healing energy.

I also offer certification to anyone who is interested in becoming a Reiki Level One Practitioner. This level of training will allow you to provide healing for others and even your self! Become your own reiki practitioner by attending class at Houston Reiki!

Along with this practice, I also provide personal training, Trigger Point work and comprehensive body stretching --- holistic healing for your every need. 

As a Certified Hypnotist, I may occasionaly use this modality to help you achieve your goals, diminsh/eliminate old habits. It is a very relaxing experience you will enjoy and find interesting. 

Houston Reiki is your "go to" place for natural healing and alternative medicine. My "healing hands" can help you in many ways! You deserve relaxation with an energizing Houston Reiki session!

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what it feels like to experience a Reiki session.

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